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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barah Otak 14 tahun ?

awa2 , last neyy sy na ckp kt awa .. xlme lg , sy myb operate . I need ur pray .. sy tkot na operate , tp keadaan sy da kritikal skrg . Dktor ckp sy kne cept . klao ta , nywe sy myb ..... sy syg awa , sy tkt lps operate nnti sy tade . t sy xley jupe awa lg .. xley sms , chat ... awa jg dr awa baed2 yee ..
Im just so scared if I have brain tumor. 3 months ago I have 3 seizures, small mild ones happening only a nanosecond, and I have aura where I smell a really bad smell. I'm so scared I read my symptoms on wikipedia apparently all of them matched brain tumor. I lose my sleep over these worries. Besides that, my arms and legs usually jerks, and my eyesight has blurred visions and floating zigzags. OMG I'm hyperventilating right now. I don't want to die. I have headaches for a while now, a few weeks, everyday no doubt. A few days ago my eyes feel burning hot. I get constant ringing in my ears. My grandma has brain tumor she passed away partly of that, partly of diabetes. But shes old and they didnt check if its cancerous or not. IM scared mine is. I have double vision sometimes, sometimes only, lasting a few seconds and I blink and its over. OH GOD. HELP ME. My parents won't bring me to see a doctor or scan my brain, because they think Im paranoid because I've been pestering them for a few years that I might have leukemia, and other cancers, because I misread my symptoms as something else. I've been having the eye problem for a while now. The other symptoms were just a few months ago. Headaches. OMG. Pls say its nothing, pls say its just a neurological disorder and that it can be cured. OH MY GOD. They won't bring me, I'm scared Im crying really hard now, What am I going to do??????!!!!!!! OMG. Help me pls, help me...-Puteri Yasmin~

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